Be Adventurous! Restaurant Week Winter 2012 – Part 2

My next adventure in NYC Restaurant Week 2012 was at Chez Josephine, located in the theatre district in midtown. Jean Claude Baker himself was there to greet you. What a very warm, welcoming and charming host he is! And the decor – ooh la la! The best way to describe it is turn of the century (last century) New Orleans bordello meets vintage Moulin Rouge. My kind of place! There’s paintings and photos of Josephine everywhere. She must have been some woman!

The food was wonderful! Coq au Vin was to die for. Most people complain about the chintzy portions at many restaurants during restaurant week, and they’re right. This place was savvy about it. While the meal portions were in fact on the small side, there was a waiter that came by with an endless supply of bread. Every time you finished your bread, it would be magically replaced immediately! I can honestly say that I did not leave feeling hungry (**cough cough Nobu**).

Visiting restaurants during Restaurant week is a wonderful way to try new restaurants or places that you normally wouldn’t consider because of the price, cuisine, etc… This is one of the many fine NYC restaurants that I’ve always wanted to try ans I’m glad I did. It wasn’t disappointing and I would definitely go again…restaurant week or not!


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